About Soursop

About Soursop

Harmony Foods, our mission is to produce fresh and original fruits refreshment to further complement your present business idea.  With years of experience in the fruit juices business, Harmony Foods is a pioneer in the fresh Soursop market.  We are supplying our frozen Soursop and fresh juices to hotels, restaurants, food services and food catering companies. Our products are sold at hypermarkets in Singapore.

Soursop is one of the most nutritious fruits in the tropical region.  The flesh or pulp is creamy white in color and has the texture of juicy candy floss interlaced with black seeds.  The taste is not sour as the name suggests but sweet and musky.  It is excellent for making refreshing drinks, sherbets and flavoring/topping for ice-cream and dessert.  It is classified as a premium tropical fruit.

Why Soursop in demand?

  • Tropical health fruit – one of the richest in fiber and vitamin B, C, Calcium and iron 
  • Good for complexion and digestion
  • Excellent for quenching thirst and brings down heatiness

What are the benefits for you?

  • Easy preparation of Soursop Juice – add cold water, ice and serve 
  • Ready for instant consumption at all times 
  • Fresh & Original product – in flesh/pulp form 
  • Refreshing taste – Sweet & Sour 
  • Niche market

We are confident that our Soursop is the ideal product for supply food services.  It will definitely meet your requirements and satisfy your customers.  Our new formula, which enhances the concept of easy preparation, is widely accepted and welcomed.